Dinner & Rare Bulb Auction!

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Wed, 01 Oct 2003 14:41:48 PDT
Hi all,

I just spoke with Charles Hardman. We were discussing the semi-annual bulbophile dinner that I customarily have around October each year. Charles is cutting back on his work load, with regard to caring for bulbs (repotting, etc.), and wishes to bring what sounds like a truck-load of rare bulbs to the dinner for auction. Half the proceeds to go to PBS.

Many you have been to auctions where Charles is the auctioneer and you will remember that he is an excellent one. He is very entertaining, knows how to auction bulbs off in a very expeditious fashion, and likes to see as many people as possible get bulbs. He uses the Dutch Auction (I believe that's right) method which results in very fair prices for all.

The dinner is customarily pot luck and unless I can come up with something a little more original, it will probably be a pot luck again.

Since he needs a few weeks to prepare for the auction, we shall probably have to have the dinner in November. So, can I see a show of hands please (private emails please to: CathyCraigEA@hotmail.com ) with your preference for date? Primary date CHOICES are: Saturday, November 8 or Saturday, November 15.

RARE BULBS: Charles will be bringing the following: Nerines, Cooperias, Stennomason (pardon my spelling, I am rather rushed just now), and many VERY RARE bulbs among which are the newly named Griffinopsis. IN ADDITON, he will be bringing much rarer bulbs, many of which have not even been named as yet.

DON'T MISS THIS once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please EMAIL ME PRIVATELY ( CathyCraigEA@hotmail.com ) with your date choice: November 8  OR  November 15. I will keep you all posted on the results. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS so you don't miss out! (Or you may call me at 949-369-8588).

Cathy Craig EA
president PBS  Zone 9b

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