New photos on wiki

Jane McGary
Sun, 12 Oct 2003 12:11:00 PDT
I have just posted a photo of Biarum pyrami to the wiki:…

A description is on the Biarum page. The seeds were sown in 1997 and took 2 
years to germinate, then another 4 years to bloom, but it was worth the 
wait as this is a pretty impressive flower for a Biarum. It smells bad, 
though, as one might expect.

I also posted a photo of Colchicum glossophyllum:…

However, I was not able to access the Colchicum page to edit it, so there 
is no description yet. This is a name that one authority (Brickell, I 
think, though the entry is unsigned) says is a variant of C. cupanii; 
however, as you can see in the photo, the leaves are much broader and 
longer at anthesis than is typical of C. cupanii as I have seen it. The 
deep purple anthers are quite striking. This is a very small Colchicum 
species and usually blooms earlier here.

Both these were taken today,  Oct. 12. I also tried to photograph Narcissus 
humilis, but I could not get the digital camera to focus on it properly, so 
I'll take a slide just to prove I flowered it (once, probably).

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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