Landscaping with Bulbs--TOW

Lauw de Jager
Tue, 07 Oct 2003 02:12:34 PDT
Dear All,
    A very interesting subject, many of our larger customers use our bulbs
for landscaping. They have several distinations in the garden landscape:
Colonising naturel areas: such as  wooded areas Cyclamen, Anemones, Arums,
'wild lawns" (Narcissus tazetta italicus, Gladiolus italicus, communis,
tristis, Leucojum, Freesia,
Shaded and  wet areas: Dietes grandiflora and irioides
Borders along entry roads or paths: Tulbaghia, Zephyranthes candida,
Agapanthus, Scilla peruviana
Dry slopes: Urginea, Asphodelus, Eremurus
Seasonally wet areas: Zephyranthes, Hedychium
Hedges: Dietes bicolor In Capetown(Waterside) I saw a big row of this
species to protect a side walk.
Covering fences, hedges or other vegetation:
Anredera(also good groundcover), Tropeaolum, Gloriosa

One can go on naming the numerous habitats in a garden and each one will
certainly have a bulb species adapted to it.  The topic of associating bulb
species  is certainly very related with choosing bulb species for a given
garden habitat.
The most difficult species to place in a natural(mediterranean)à habitat are
the winterdomant summergrowers. Very often  the humid conditions during
cause rotting.
Kind regards

Lauw de Jager
Bulb'Argence  South of France

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