Aristea ecklonii v Libertia caerulea

Arnold Trachtenberg
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 16:00:43 PDT
Aristea  Aiton

"Small to large evergreen or seasonal perennials with a thick or slender 
rhizome; leaves lanceolate  to linear or terete; flowering stem 
sometimes compressed or winged, variously branched or simple; 
inflorescences composed of 1-many binate rhipidia arranged in panicles 
or crowded in fascicles on short branches; flowers usually fugaceous, 
stellate, usually shades of blue, occasionally white or mauve, without 
nectar or rarely with perigonal nectaries; tepals occasionally with 
contrasting marks, basally connate, subequal or the inner or outer whorl 
smaller; style deflexed barely divided apically or broadly 3- winged; 
seeds several to many and angular to cylindric with oblique ends or 1- 2 
per locule, often compressed radically arillate; x=16.  About  50 spp., 
sub-Saharan Africa including Madagascar."

Kubitzki " Families and Genera of Vascular Plants  Volume III  Flowering 
Plants Monocotyledons"



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