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Brian Whyer
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 08:20:41 PDT
Hi Mary Sue

Could I please request that you ask contributors to give some idea of
where they are writing from, so we have an indication of climate and
season. It is very difficult for those of us outside the western US to
guess what someone means when they say something like "Brunsvigia
grandiflora grows well in my climate".
I don't really care how it is done, e.g. name, zone, city, country, or
something much less formal. Some members give an indication every time,
others rarely or never.

Many thanks, in anticipation


Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, UK
Brian Whyer, -5C min, SEast UK
Hi All,

I have redirected Brian's message to me to the whole list. His suggestion 
is a good one and one that I've made before and one that is listed on the 
instructions for the list. I sometimes do it and sometimes not, especially 
if I'm not writing about my garden. Since I write a lot of emails to 
non-garden folks I haven't wanted a default signature with this 
information. But then I sometimes forget to add it for the list so I am 
guilty too. I agree that it would be very helpful to add in your signature 
something about where you live so others will better be able to understand 
your answer. New people are joining our list all the time so even if you 
have told about yourself and written about your garden they will not have 
that information. I am sure the members of this list from the western 
United States need this information just as much as every one else because 
we have a very diverse list. I know that we have people from all over the 
United States and at least these countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, 
France, Germany, Italy Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa (winter and 
summer rainfall), Sweden, United Kingdom. There may be other countries 
represented with some of our lurkers since the country code isn't always in 
the email address.

So please everyone identify yourself in your signature when you post 
regardless of whether you have done it before, especially if you are 
writing about your garden or your experiences. Could we have discussion 
about what information people most want listed? Thanks.

Mary Sue

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