mealies on dormant bulbs
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 14:26:16 PDT
Hi all,

I’m finally getting around to planting some of my California Narcissus bulbs 
here in Nebraska.  But upon opening up some of the packages, I was met by my 
arch-nemesis, the mealy bug.  I’ve been reading through the archives and have 
come across a number of great (and safe to use indoor) solutions, including 
rubbing alcohol, a Murphy’s Oil combo, rot-gut scotch, gin, and/or vodka, and 
a 1:1 dishsoap/water mix.  

I’m wondering, however, if the process changes when treating dormant bulbs as 
opposed to plants in active growth.  Is there a good soak for mealies that 
won’t damage the bulb or the flower (hopefully) forming inside?

Thanks much!

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