New Member/Ferraria crispa

Rand Nicholson
Fri, 03 Oct 2003 07:08:00 PDT

As an introduction to the PBS List, I am a plant hobbiest with a 
modest collection, growing a few CPs, Aroids, including 
Amorphophallus sp. and Arisaema, Bromeliads, orchids, caudiciforms 
and a hodgepodge of other interesting (to me) plants. Constantly 
trying new bulbs, I face certain challenges with many because of my 
zone 5b (offically, if not always in fact) Atlantic Maritime Canadian 
climate. This often causes me to try and "switch" over bulbs that I 
_Just Must Have_ from a southern cycle to a northern so that I can 
grow them outside in our spring and summer. Otherwise, I attempt to 
grow and bloom them through winter indoors desperately hoping for 
some colour in a rather long white season.

Which brings me to some questions:

I have just received some Ferraria crispa bulbs/tubers which are on a 
Mediterranean cycle and am wondering how I can grow them here in 
Maritime Canada. What kind of culture should I give them and can they 
be "switched" to our northern seasons? They are starting to sprout in 
my veggie crisper as I write, so I have no choice but to pot these up 

Also, anything anyone knows about growing Serapias lingua and Morea 
sp would be appreciated.


Rand Nicholson
z 5b Maritime Canada

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