Pacific BX 45

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 08:15:54 PDT
Dear All,

I just wanted to say something about the IBSA seed. After the conference 
Rachel let us buy some  left over seed at a discount so Patty Colville and 
I tried to figure out what people might want (always hard). I have had 
really good luck with IBSA seed. I'm not sure about the Albuca which may be 
summer rainfall but the rest should be started now in the Northern 
Hemisphere. Maybe the Albuca too since I don't think the shelf life is very 
long. There will be a little more IBSA seed in another BX as well.

If Dell sends the original seed packets it will have the name on it of the 
person donating it in most cases. You may recognize some of the names from 
my posts. It may also have the name of the place it was collected if it was 
wild collected seed and a lot of it is. This can tell you a lot about the 
hardiness, rainfall, etc. In some cases there is seed of the same thing but 
collected in different places.

Who ever ordered my Delphinium hesperium seed this was collected in Gualala 
(Northern California) on a bluff overlooking the ocean. (Notes about it: 
dark purple, full sun, summer rest, mild winter temperatures.)

Mary Sue

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