Sun, 26 Oct 2003 14:51:49 PST
Dear All,

After reading your contributions about Imidacloprid I feel like adding another 
point of view. It is a product by Bayer and sold under the brand name of 
Provado here in Germany. It is relatively new and indeed is very effective. It 
has no smell (many pesticides are mixed with an agent that makes them smell 
"poisonous" in order to increase the safety of the product) is not visible 
after spraying and has not done any leaf damage even to hairy Gesneriad leaves.
It is extremely long lasting after spraying, one spraying is said to be 
effective for a "considerable time" but the instruction on the box does not say 
for how long exactly. It says strictly one treatment only but scale insects may 
not be fully controlled (yes, I agreee)
I spoke quite enthusiastically to a professional gardener about this product as 
I thought I had found the perfect cure for all the pests. But he warned me 
saying that by eyperience such potent products will sooner or later develop 
resistences in many insects and for this reason it is better to use other, less 
potent products in between.
Besides this it is dangerous do bees and must not be sprayed onto flowering 
plants (it does not say for how long before flowering) The touble with 
bee-toxic products is that it may kill the bee but even worse if the bee is not 
killed it will carry the poison into the honey....

All the best! Uli

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