Fires in California
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 07:40:03 PST
Dearall.  I am safe amd with all of my daughters and son-in-law.  We
evacuated Sunday night and have stayed together.  We feel blessed to have
been with each other all the way.   We first went to Descanso community and
stayed with my foster-daughter.  At 3 am the sheriff came through, calling
for evacuation, saying 'the fire is immenent.'  We left. again in caravan
with the entire family, going to the Red Cross shelter east toward the
desert.  We stayed for two days, anxiously asking anyone from the area for
news, and it sounded bleak about the condition of our little valley. 
Tuesday morning. a couple of neighbors got in.  At that time, the fire had
capriciously taken 5 houses in the valley, but mine was safe.   My
daughter's building is standing but no one went close and there may be
damage inside.   My oldest daughter's house a few miles away was also safe
at that time.   Tuesday, my youngest daughter came to the evac center and
convinced us to go to her house in University Town Center (near the coast.)
We are safe and together.  We have packed 5 adults, 4 dogs, 3 cats and 8
birds into her two bedroom condo!  This morning, we are going to check on
the properties and confirm that the fire didn't double back on us.   We are
prepared for property loss if that has happened, but are grateful that all
of us are safe.
Needless to say, the newsletter will be late this fall (G!), but I took my
computer, so it is ready as soon as I can set up again and have electricity.
 This modern life surely makes it easier to gather one's pictures and
important documents!
The greenhouse roof was blowing in the wind, so I may have a few bulb
losses, but we'll see what has happened soon.   I am using my daughter's
computer, so will check my e-mail for a couple of days here before I go
       Thanking God and the fire people!    Marguerite

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