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Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:33:28 PDT
Dear All,
Here is the reply of Gordon:
"In reply to the query of Rob from Tasmania, I am happy to oblige.
 "Firstly a copy of my talk from the recent IBSA symposium might be of help
(see other Email).  In addition to this however, all my bulbs/corms grown
under cover receive no water during the dormant period and remain totally
dry.  This also applies to 1st and 2nd year seedlings, which tolerate the
same management as mature bulbs.  If they show signs of growth in the early
Autumn I will immediately begin a programme of watering (including
disinfecting).  However I only normally begin watering, should there be no
signs of growth on the 15th of April of the year.  This actually goes for
all my winter rainfall bulbs and corms."

le 14/10/03 13:03, Robert Hamilton à roberth6@mac.com a écrit :
 for sharing your enlightening experience with Gordon Summerfield.
>  I have a query  for Gordon and I  wonder  if  Lauw  will pass it on.
>> Plants like Daubenya and Massonia need good light however. Good light,
>> but protection from the dew will reduce crown rot and fungal diseases.
>> Watering from the bottom will help as well.
> This statement implies that   Daubenya and Massonia are grown under
> cover to  prevent dew  and  rainfall on the  leaves. This  being the
> case do  they  remain totally dry for the  summer  months ? If not  how
> often are they watered during dormancy ? What about watering management
> for first and  second year  seedlings during  summer ? Do they
> tolerate the  same management as  mature  bulbs ?
> Having just  watched the leaves on a  mature  Massonia echinata
> disappear from crown rot ,( we had  what amounts  to half  our years
> average annual rainfall during August and September ) , the under cover
> management appeals  to  me , as I  have quite a range of  first and
> second  year seedlings of both genera.

Lauw de Jager

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