Aristea ecklonii v Libertia caerulea

Arnold Trachtenberg
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 19:33:04 PDT

Here goes:

 From Kuitzki  "Libertia spreng.

" Small to medium evergreen rhizomatous perennials; leaves several, 
lanceolate to linear; flowering stems several branched, branches long or 
very short and sometimes clustered; inflorescence spathes short, 
pedicels exposed; flowers white or blue; tepals free, subequal or the 
outer whorl much smaller; filaments united in a short tube, anthers 
erect; style short, dividing above the filament tube into 3 slender 
branches extending between the stamens; capsules sometimes indehiscent; 
seeds brown and shed immediately or colored and exposed in the open 
capsule;  x =19. About 10 ssp., Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and 
S. America."

Aristea Aiton

Found in Sub Saharan Africa including  Madagascar.

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