"Bulbs" in the landscape

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Wed, 08 Oct 2003 04:56:31 PDT
Pinellia tripartita makes nice clumps and is pleasantly weedy.  The hardy 
Begonia, Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana also does well.  Cyclamen hederifolium in 
all the leaf patterns is wonderful under deciduous shrubs, C. coum not so 
nice as the leaves crisp up in our winters but is very decorative during fall and 
early winter in a similar position.  One of our favorite combinations is 
Frit. thunbergii planted along with Hellebore 'Wester Fisk'.  
The best local display of Daffodils in the landscape is just North of here in 
Goshen.  Hundreds of thousands of naturalized bulbs in the meadows and on an 
island in a small lake make for a fantastic display visible from the roadside 
during April and May.
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