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J.E. Shields
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 05:18:38 PST
Rpbert, Jane, and all,

This is where relational tables come into play.

One table for the reference, with an ID number unique to each article or book.


Bulbs, Revised; John Bryan, Ed.; REFID=1
The Lachenalia Handbook; by Graham Duncan; REFID=2

One table for each unique taxon, where there is a record for each time a 
given taxon is listed in a reference:

Scadoxus membranaceus REFID=1
Lachenalia pusilla REFID=1
Lachenalia bachmannii REFID=1
Lachenalia pusilla REFID=2
Lachenalia bachmannii REFID=2

If you see the point.....

Jim Shields

At 10:07 PM 10/25/2003 -0700, you wrote:

>Dear Jane, Jim and All;
>I am no great lover of spreadsheets and databases but I wanted to explain 
>my point. As a bibliography to a book I like very much the author title 
>format. But as a stand alone piece what good is it?  If you are just 
>interested in authors it is great, but most of us want some information 
>about a particular bulb species. If one looks at most scientific journals 
>today, they have at the beginning of each article a list of keywords. If 
>one placed these three or four words in searchable fields, then one could 
>still present the author title information but have a way of searching the 
>data for special topics. This works for short papers. But what about 
>Floras and the like. You would have to have a field for every species 
>listed to be of value. Of course that would be great. I can imagine how 
>nice it would be if one could enter a species name and bring up all the 
>literature that related to that species. Unfortunately that would be a 
>huge task. But as I explained before a simple list of
>  authors-date-titles would soon get out of hand and be of little value. I 
> can provide such a list of over a thousand works relating to Iris but of 
> what value is it. As it stands as part of the Encyclopedia of Iris it 
> notes where information in that work comes from. But using it to work 
> backwards would not be very productive unless one wanted to repeat the 
> ten years of research I have just completed,
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