Brunsvigia grandiflora seeds

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 09:12:11 PDT
Dear All,

Dell tells me that 30+ people asked for the Brunsvigia grandiflora seeds 
from Rhoda and Cameron. I think this is a splendid opportunity to document 
how long Amaryllid seed can remain viable and still produce bulbs.

Rhoda and Cameron stored the seed in their refrigerator as they planned to 
sell it as orders came in. So it was there quite a long time. I am sure 
that many people at the IBS Symposium purchased seed. When we visited them 
after the Symposium was over, most of the seeds that was left had already 
formed radicles so the seed needed to be planted immediately. Rhoda and 
Cameron were going to be moving soon so they were very busy and they made 
the decision rather than trying to find time to plant it as they normally 
would have, to bring pleasure to members of this list by donating it.

Rachel agreed to provide a phyto and send the seeds to her brother in the 
US that week. He would send the seeds on to Dell. As I wrote explaining all 
this to Dell so he could notify everyone, Patty Colville went through all 
the seeds and removed those that were clearly not going to make it. Rachel 
advised packing them in a paper bag. We hoped those that were plump even if 
they had already started the process, could still be sown, and would grow. 
But then it took about three weeks for the seeds to get to Dell who 
reported they looked like Chinese Bean Sprouts at that stage. He 
immediately sent them on to everyone. So it would seem that at least 4-5 
weeks had passed and maybe longer after these seeds had started to 
germinate before they could be planted. And they wouldn't have always been 
cool in transit.

I would assume that if they are going to grow, many of them will already 
have shoots. I am asking those who got seeds to let us know how they are 
doing. If you are reluctant to do this to the whole group, please let me or 
Dell know and we can summarize anonymous reports. I know when I give 
something to the BX I always wonder what luck people had. I am sure that 
all of us who were involved in making this happen would love to know if it 
was worth it. And it would be helpful information for the future.


Mary Sue

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