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Jane McGary
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 18:16:24 PDT
Jim Shields and Robert Pries wrote,

>I agree with Bob entirely on the subject of database vs. text 
>document.  Searching, sorting, cross referencing to genera and even 
>species, that all cries out for a relational database -- or a spreadsheet 
>with multiple tables.
>Jim Shields
>>Although it sounds like a good idea, it could be very unwieldy without 
>>creating some sort of database. I have a list of references for the Iris 
>>encyclopedia I am working on that is over a thousand entries and that is 
>>but one genus. The other problem is Floras and such are going to contain 
>>many Genera. Would you create a huge list of Genera and species 
>>mentioned? It seems one would have to create some sort of guidlines.

If Jim, Robert, and other people can design a database that I can use 
quickly and efficiently (and I don't find Microsoft databases to be usable 
in a quick, efficient manner!), and if it can present the information in a 
way that fairly naive users can use intuitively and easily, then I'll do it 
that way. Please think about the design and make some proposals.

Jane McGary

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