So Calif. Fires
Wed, 29 Oct 2003 23:33:35 PST
Big Bear has not burned.  The fire is headed that way and close.  They did 
evacuate yesterday.  My daughter and grandson live there and we were on the 
phone all day.  They were packing up, loading the car, video taping the contents 
of the house, moving the 2 1/2 cords of split firewood away from the house and 
hosing it down.  Hosing down the house.  They were instructed to leave the 
hose attached and stretched down the driveway to the street, leave a ladder 
beside the front of the house going to the roof and leave the lights on.  
They left before 2 pm and got into LA at 8 pm.  They were headed to a friends 
house off the 210.  She drives that route every other week and nothing looked 
familiar, the sky was so black, so much ash that lights she was used to 
seeing weren't visible.  My son and his wife kept calling and telling her just to 
come on to Santa Barbara.  As she got to her turnoff in LA she was concerned 
about the air quality, both she and her son are susceptible to Asthma.  And she 
did not want to be trapped in LA if they were to close the 5 (the route to 
Mom's).  So she did continue on into Santa Barbara.  My son called and said he is 
so relieved because they can take care of them and not worry about them. 
My phone has rang constantly all day yesterday and today, her mother-in-law 
on the East coast, relatives and friends from all over the US and Calif. 
calling to check on their safety and whereabouts.  
I have another daughter in San Clemente also susceptible to Asthma.  She 
lives just 2 blocks off the ocean and is fine.
This has been very traumatic for the daughter who had to evacuate her home.  
She loves her home, has built quite a nice life for them in Big Bear.
She is still concerned they may lose their home and life as they know it.  It 
was very stressful hurrying and trying to pack the things that were 
important.  She said she found herself getting their ski passes and ski equipment out 
when she realized if the house burned they wouldn't be coming back to ski and 
wouldn't need them, if it didn't burn they would be there when they got to come 
Watching the news is stressful as she recognizes other mountain 
neighborhoods, some homes etc.  Needless to say we are praying the fires stop and no one 
else loses their lives or homes.
Carolyn in Los Gatos, northern CA 

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