Daubenya Gordon Summerfield

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 03:36:44 PDT
Dear  Lauw,

Thanks  very  much for  contacting Gordon and   for  all the 
information you  have posted. I  enjoyed  the  logical approach  and 
the  facts  -  I am  particularly interested  to  hear about  not  
needing  full sun.

I am intending  to  start  growing these genera under  cover. I  do  
have   some  concerns about  keeping  1st  year  seedling  bulbs  
totally  dry  for  4-5 months.  I  did  manage  to keep  Gethyllis  
seedlings   dry  for  several months  last  summer and   have some of 
them  return so  I  guess there is  hope.


Rob  in Tasmania
Zone 9

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