Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:22:50 PDT
Dear Liz,

I made a Tritoniopsis wiki page for you and put your pictures on it. Are 
they blooming now? It looks like they are growing in a pot. Can you tell us 
anything about them?

I thought this species was a spring summer bloomer but I have this faint 
recollection that Rhoda said this genus was opportunistic. I lost some I 
grew from seed in the second or third year. I think I got nervous about 
what to do with it because of something I read in the IBSA chat about the 
dangers of transplanting that I didn't quite understand. I recently plunked 
another species in the ground I was growing in a pot as it hadn't quite 
gone dormant and it seemed like I might have better luck in the ground 
since Tom Glavich said he grew his that way.

Mary Sue 

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