Sylvie wrote: "The ATOW is a WONDERFUL idea!!!"

Harry Dewey
Fri, 05 Sep 2003 04:07:41 PDT
John Mitchell, Attorney General of the United States during the Nixon 
presidency, said (about the Watergate scandal) "When things begin to 
unravel, they unravel completely."  The latest news to unravel is that 
Bibbs Gamber, of Dothan, Alabama, was responsible for the original idea 
from which our Alpine Topic Of the Week is descended.

Kelly Irvin (to whom Jim Waddick gave credit for the TOW idea in the 
first ATOW announcement on Alpine-L almost a week ago) has sent me -- 
and copied to the PBS (Pacific Bulb Society) list -- tidbits that give 
credit to Bibbs Gamber.  Excerpts from his personal message follow my 
signature, below.:

I'm happy to report that, as Kelly emphasizes, Alpine-Lves have 
recognized the importance of continuing to intersperse questions and 
answers about other topics among the ATOWs, resulting in a healthy and 
interesting mix.

Thank you, Ann Kline, for your recollections of Mary Sue Ittner's 
success with the  Topic-of-the-Week idea on the IBS emailinglist some 
five years ago.

Does anyone have an email address for "Alabama Grandma" (Bibbs Gamber)?  
If so, please post it directly to Alpine-L.  She deserves thanks from 
any of us who appreciate her contribution.  If you are reading this on 
the PBS list (to which I'm copying this posting), please post her 
address to Alpine-L-request@nic.surfnet.NL if you are not a subscriber 
to Alpine-L, and therefore unable to post directly, to it.

I'm tempted to suggest a change of name for our ATOWs to AGTOWs (for 
Alabama Grandma Topic of the Week -- er, excuse me, I mean Alpine 
Gardening Topic of the Week).  I suppose that's going too far, but I'll 
be happy for anyone to use either abbreviation.  Whichever, you use, 
would you mind putting it at the END of the subject headers instead of 
at the beginning?  As in:

Subject: Smaller iris (ATOW)
instead of
Subject: ATOW - Smaller iris

I know our original ATOW announcement showed it at the beginning.  
Please forgive me for the goof..
.And don't forget to read about Alabama Grandma's brilliant contribution 
following my signature.

Greetings to all, from

Harry (Harry Dewey, moderator, Alpine-L)

Kelly wrote me:

<<<<<I must add a critical name to the formula. Her name is Bibbs 
Gamber, and she offered the idea within a month of joining the IBS Forum 
back in December of '98. Nothing ever happens if an idea is not first 
conceived and expressed. Also, the discussion formula that was devised 
and named GENERA52 for the year 1999, was nothing so nearly elaborate 
and effective as what Mary Sue and her talented, enthusiastic team have 
put together.

I must emphasize, if nobody minds, that its critical success is in being 
"married" to the existing spontaneous behavior of existing e-mail lists; 
a bringing together of opposite approaches. I do not believe a 
scheduled-only topics based list's or a spontaneous-only topics based 
list's, separate success, equals the combined success of both styles 
within ONE list. The idea is based on a theory of cooperation where 1 + 
1 no longer equals 2, but maybe 3 or 4. When I put GENERA52 together, it 
took 2 or 3 months for people to realize spontaneous topics were still 
an invited and, I believe, necessary part of list discussion. 
Essentially, having both helped remove lulls in discussion that would 
normally exist if only one of the styles was an acceptable part of list 

Again, thank you for your comments. They sure made my day (or even year)....

Information I found in my records on "Bibbs"...

> My name is Bibbs Gamber from Dothan, Alabama.  Zone 8b.   I normally use
> Alabama Grandma as my signature.
> I grow and hybridize tetraploid double daylilies, while also growing many
> other perennials, bulbs, shrubs and trees.    I have been a member of 
> onelist
> bulb forum for about two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it and have 
> been
> chatting with several in the chat room, but they all talk about IBS 
> and their
> friends in IBS so I finally joined IBS.  I am truly looking forward to 
> knowing
> which bulbs will grow best for this southern area.
> I do grow daffodils, crocus, anemones, amaryllis, hippeastrums, scilla,
> haemanthus, hymenocallis, iris, lycoris, allium, and a few more.  Until
> talking with Sheila, Bud and Gary, I did not realize that so many 
> people grew
> the species of bulbs.  That is very interesting.  Seems like one would 
> run out
> of the kinds they could grow.    I am interested in growing just about
> anything in this zone unless they are very invasive.  Like 
> ornithogalums! they
> are everywhere in the garden!  I would love more alliums and hippes,
Harry Dewey wrote:

> It is very kind of Jim to say that, but credit belongs to Kelly Irvin 
> and Mary Sue Ittner.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
The Bulbmeister
4407 Town Vu Road
Bentonville, AR 72712

USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6b


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