Ungernia post script and question.

Pascal Vigneron v_pascal@club-internet.fr
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 16:22:06 PDT
Hi Jim and all,

Thank to explain this! Now I understand the Latin description of the
in the Flora Iranica: "Bulbus. in collum longum productis."
Now that makes sense.
Very interesting. The image of a 'bulb tree' look a good model
to understand certain aspect of what is a bulbous plant.

The only amaryllid I know with long basal plate is old Clivia.
But as it don't make real bulb, the look is different.

Last year, I was surprised because the basal plate of my Ismene
was 1 or 1,5 cm long. But now I see that was not really long!

Regards, Pascal Vigneron, France

>... Each year as more bulb scales are added
> and old ones rot away, the basal plate does not deteriorate. This
> means that as the bulb ages these basal plates form an under-bulb
> 'stem' the diameter of the plate and up to a couple of inches in
> length sort of like a pencil stub coming out of the bottom of the
> bulb, but consisting of 'woody' basal plates stacked on top of one
> another. ...

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