Crocus "zonatus"

Jane McGary
Mon, 01 Sep 2003 08:49:59 PDT
Judy Glattstein wrote,

>There I was at a nursery in Connecticut last Saturday. They had four open
>boxes with Crocus ochroleucus, C. sativus, C. zonatus (isn't the clone that
>is generally available one that multiplies freely and does not flower?)

Crocus zonatus is an invalid name for C. kotschyanus (WHY do the Dutch keep 
using names, like Cyclamen neapolitanum, that have been invalidated decades 
ago?), and as Judy says, the commercial form is notorious for flowering 
poorly (though it will bloom if dried off severely in summer and grown very 
lean). However, there are at least three clones of C. kotschyanus and 
plenty of wild forms that do flower; the most widely available is called 
'Reliant', and an even better one is one from Janis Ruksans under a JRJK 
collection number. The C. kotschyanus ssp. cappadocicus that I gew from the 
Archibalds' seed also blooms well.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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