Old names

Hamish Sloan hamish.sloan@virgin.net
Mon, 01 Sep 2003 13:37:29 PDT
Hello all,

Judy Glattstein wrote,
"Crocus zonatus is an invalid name for C. kotschyanus (WHY do the Dutch 
using names, like Cyclamen neapolitanum, that have been invalidated decades 
ago?), .... "

The best example of this continuing use of old names, that I know of, is 
using Calla for Zantedeschia.
Calla was replaced in 1820! Was it replaced by Richardia, then thrown into 
Arum, then became Zantedeschia. I'm hazy on this but Calla is still around 
this side of the pond.

Regards Hamish

Was a wettish Zone 9 - now waitng on some real rain.

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