IBSA Symposium 2003/Vist to South Africa TOW

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 22:41:50 PDT
Thanks  Mary  Sue,

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 04:43  AM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> The first talk Monday was given by Gordon Summerfield.  I talked to 
> Gordon one night at dinner and visited him and his collection twice 
> and will share a little of his philosophy and what I learned from him 
> in a later email if there is interest in this.
Yes please.

> In the afternoon Dee Snijman gave a talk on Amazing Amaryllids, 
> Specialised but high risk lifestyles. I was very excited to hear her 
> talk. She is very soft spoken and speaks carefully and precisely. I 
> took pages of notes. Lauw de Jager has warned me to be concise and I 
> have already broken that so this is another talk that I could 
> summarize in another email if there is interest.

Yes please  and  the  same  applies  to the  Gethyllis  mentioned in 
your other  email.


Rob in Tasmania

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