Couple of questions

John Bryan
Mon, 08 Sep 2003 10:50:49 PDT
Dear All;

I noticed that my Clivia miniata is again in flower, this just a few
months after the last flowers, in late June early July. Thus they have
provided blooms for some 10 months of a year. Normally they commence
flowering in November and continue through the winter and spring 'till 
Why do some bulbs like to be pot-bound for years? Are there chemical
changes that are brought about by being pot-bound that induce flowering
and for long periods of time? It is obvious there is little nutrient
left in the soil, but they apparently appreciate feedings of
 I moved a couple of large clumps to an open border in the shade. This
some 2 years ago, I did not split the clumps, they still have not
flowered yet those in containers continue to flower and seemingly
produce more flowers each year, starting earlier and continuing later. I
see no reason to move any of these or even repot them. One clump I
divided and put them very close together in another pot, they flowered
the same year. I just wonder why this is. Foliage is good, of those that
are pot bound,  seemingly becoming wider with the years, 4+ inches wide
being common, some even much wider and very few narrow leaves. Those in
the border are now a darker green, little change is width, but no
flowers at all. Possibly those remaining in the pots enjoy a higher
light intensity, can intensity of light, note not direct sunlight,
contribute to the flowering as well as being pot- bound?
I have noticed plantings of Clivia miniata in very good light, dappled
shade might be the good description, in South Africa flowering well but
the foliage was not attractive. I refer to Brenthurst, a fine garden in
Johannesburg. The variation in color of the flowers in large plantings
was considerable, from deep red to rose to pink to hints of yellow, I
attribute this to natural crossing between the plants. Cheers, John E.

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