question about Sternbergia

Jane McGary
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 09:39:37 PDT
Marguerite asked,

>Not too long ago, a message on one of the plant lists to which I belong 
>identified Sternbergia lutea as Crocus sternbergia lutea.   I thought 
>Sternbergia is an Amaryllid and not an Iridaceae.   Was that message 
>leading me astray, or has Sternbergia really changed its information?

Certainly it was a mistake. Probably it was the same sort of "common-name" 
error into which people are led by mass-market catalogs that identify 
colchicums as "autumn crocus." Now that you mention it, I think I've seen 
Sternbergia lutea pictured along with fall crocuses in some such catalog.

Jane McGary
No Sternbergias in flower yet, and only one crocus 

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