Dutch iris requirements

Jamie jamievande@freenet.de
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 10:23:59 PDT
Diane, Jane,

in my Zone 8 garden Dutch iris do rather well and a few are reliable
bloomers for me.  I am unsure of the names, as I purchased mixed lots,
mostly because that was about all you could get!  Professor Blaauw is often
available, as is Bronze Queen, occaisionally others, but they are the
exceptions.  I do have that lovely bronze and blue combination, which I
believe is Bronze Queen, as well as a number of blues and a glowing yellow.
They are in deep, humus soil, wet in Winter, when they start growing,
becoming a bit dryer as the ground warms.  Summers tend to get a bit dry
toward the end and then the Autumn rains come.  I can't say they increase
well, but they do increase, they may well require more sun to truly prosper.
Being stately and firm, they make excellent cut flowers, although they hold
only a few days.  As they are so cheap to buy, I pay little attention to
them and consider them decoration more than charges.  I have always assumed
them to be quite hardy, but perhaps Zone 6-7 is the limit!  I planted them
deep, a good 15cm (6"), which they apparently liked.  It's a funny thing
with the Xiphium Iris, we seem to be taking them for granted!  Not exactly
fair, is it.  They are very satisfactory between other perennials.

Jamie V.

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