Tigridia--Topic of the Week

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:42:46 PDT
Dear Paul & Rob,

Thanks for your interesting remarks about how you grow these plants. Glad 
you reminded us Paul about the seed production. I have found if I deadhead 
Calydorea that it will bloom for months every day or two (July-Oct last 
year). Gelasine and Hesperoxiphion are two others that bloom a long time if 
you nip off the flower heads after they have shriveled. Unfortunately while 
I was in South Africa I was gone to do that and came back to very fat pods 
and no more blooms. But I see blooming stalks on two of the Hesperoxiphions 
who hadn't bloomed yet so hope to keep those going for awhile. To see most 
of these however you need to be working at home, retired, or come home for 
lunch as most of them open after many would have gone to work and are gone 
before the day is over.

By all means Paul if you finally get tired of seeing all those wonderful 
flowers do let a few set seed for the rest of us.

Mary Sue

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