Sylvie wrote: "The ATOW is a WONDERFUL idea!!!"

Kelly Irvin
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 07:02:41 PDT

Let's just say, for scenario purposes only, of course, that I have felt 
like a failure for about the past 7 years. Well, your e-mail message 
would have effectively erased all that. ;-)   Thanks for the comments. 
Due to your comments, though, I must add a critical name to the formula. 
Her name is Bibbs Gambler (Gamber?), and she offered the idea within a 
month of joining the IBS Forum back in December of '98. Nothing ever 
happens if an idea is not first conceived and expressed. Also, the 
discussion formula that was devised and named GENERA52 for the year 
1999, was nothing so nearly elaborate and effective as what Mary Sue and 
her talented, enthusiastic team have put together.

I must emphasize, if nobody minds, that it's critical success is in 
being "married" to the existing spontaneous behavior of existing e-mail 
lists; a bringing together of opposite approaches. I do not believe a 
scheduled-only topics based list's or a spontaneous-only topics based 
list's, seperate success, equals the combined success of both styles 
within ONE list. The idea is based on a theory of cooperation where 1 + 
1 no longer equals 2, but maybe 3 or 4. When I put GENERA52 together, it 
took 2 or 3 months for people to realize spontaneous topics were still 
an invited and, I believe, necessary part of list discussion. 
Essentially, having both helped remove lulls in discussion that would 
normally exist if only one of the styles was an acceptible part of list 

Again, thank you for your comments. They sure made my day (or even 
year). I don't mind too much what you call me either - Kelly (Irvin, 
Erwin, Irwin, Irving, Ewing [yep, I've been called that], Earwig 
[anticipated]) - just don't call me "Late for SUPPER!" I knew a former 
IBS President and, another, my former pastor (actually, two different 
pastors), neither ever getting it right. To them I was an "Irwin". When 
I was in elementary school, my teacher taught me to spell my last name 
"Irving". Boy, was I confused! I may have an identity crisis, but, if I 
get my supper, I can live with it.

Information I found in my records on "Bibbs"...

> My name is Bibbs Gamber from Dothan, Alabama.  Zone 8b.   I normally use
>Alabama Grandma as my signature.
> I grow and hybridize tetraploid double daylilies, while also growing many
>other perennials, bulbs, shrubs and trees.    I have been a member of onelist
>bulb forum for about two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it and have been
>chatting with several in the chat room, but they all talk about IBS and their
>friends in IBS so I finally joined IBS.  I am truly looking forward to knowing
>which bulbs will grow best for this southern area.
> I do grow daffoldils, crocus, anemonies, amaryllis, hippeastrums, scilla,
>haemanthus, hymenocallis, iris, lycoris, allium, and a few more.  Until
>talking with Sheila, Bud and Gary, I did not realize that so many people grew
>the species of bulbs.  That is very interesting.  Seems like one would run out
>of the kinds they could grow.    I am interested in growing just about
>anything in this zone unless they are very invasive.  Like ornithogalums! they
>are everywhere in the garden!  I would love more alliums and hippes,

Harry Dewey wrote:

> It is very kind of Jim to say that, but credit belongs to Kelly Irvin 
> and Mary Sue Ittner.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
The Bulbmeister
4407 Town Vu Road
Bentonville, AR 72712

USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6b


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