Phaedranessa culture

Joyce Miller
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 18:36:44 PDT
Dear All,
         I have several species of Phaedranessa bulbs.  The only one I am 
sure of the ID is the one I bought from Telos Rare Bulbs and it blooms 
fairly well.  Others I have raised from seed have never bloomed.
         I recall reading Phaedranessa requires a drought period.  Can 
anyone tell me when to withhold water and for how long a period?
         I can never get a clear sense of dormancy because when the mother 
bulb is dormant, the daughter offset is growing.  What to do?

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller

Joyce E. Miller
Zone USDA 9A Summer highs 100+degrees F for several to many days.  Winter 
lows 27 degrees F 

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