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Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:15:54 PDT
Last Spring, I planted several tigrida that I got either from Yucca Du
or Plant Delights.  I put them at the sloping base of a liveoak tree in
rich loamy soil where they got bright filtered light all day.  They were
deeply soaked every 5-7 days. Two of the three plants put up some very
scraggly sparse foliage and the other did nothing.  There was never even
the hint of a blossom.  

I was afraid that full sun in our very harsh summers would be too much
for them.  What did I do wrong?  Do they need to be kept very moist?
Companion plants were Cypella Herbertii and several oxallis and they all
bloomed all season.  Nearby, in the same bed, iris japonica are thick
and thrive.

Theresa Massey

Austin TX, Zone 8B, 20-110F, approx 30" annual rainfall (long droughts
punctuated by flash floods)  

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