Buyer Beware -Part 2

Kelly Irvin
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:56:48 PDT
My main catalog pet peeve is the color enhanced photographs that many of 
the big brokers use. I was struck last season by the picture of 
Narcissus 'Palmares' on the cover of one of these catalogs, the entire 
split cup being salmon pink. The description within even supported the 
color presentation. Well, this spring it sprung with similar form and 
only a hint of pink on the outer edges of the cup, having more of a 
yellow coloration. The real McCoy may be viewed:…

I do suppose environmental conditions could affect color????, but this 
is ridiculous!!!!

I made a big booboo this past spring when selling Canna speciosa. No 
pictures were involved, but I relied on a description, which may be 
correct for all I know, that had the flowers pale purple. Well, it 
happens to be a bright red/orange (the one I sell anyway). Boy, did I 
feel stupid. I'm not even sure now if its C. speciosa. Anybody who might 
know, maybe you could set me straight:…

Finally, I just took a picture today that I want to share with 
everybody, 'Lycoris Bouquet' (NOT color enhanced):…

>>Being a bit of a Lycoris nut...I went to those pictures to see if
>>they were actually selling L. chinensis or L. aurea... looking more
>>closely the color of L. squamigera seemed far too pink. Then it
>>Struck me - GASP!!!
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