Phaedranassa, etc.

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 07 Sep 2003 06:51:40 PDT
Hi Joyce:
            It is common that seedlings try to make use of a long season of 
growth. This is, of course, to your advantage. So, try to grow the seedlings 
for as long as possible without forcing them into dormancy: if conditions 
are warm and water is available, they will remain green (and grow fatter). 
Their internal "clock" will let them know when to go dormant and start other 
processes involved with "adult age". Mature bulbs, those capable of 
flowering, are winter dormant and are very regular on this. In fact, 
Phaedranassas are very easy provided root run, warmth and adequate 
temperatures while dormant. I am always surprised that so few people grow 
them. Provided one can find healthy material they are extremely long lived 
and flower unfailingly every year (if dry winter dormant).
Best regards

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