Shy bloomers

Angelo Porcelli
Sat, 20 Sep 2003 11:15:43 PDT
I am at the point to believe that Chlidanthus fragrans isn't a flowering bulb ! I have many from three years that multiply at allarming rate, but never flowered. I have tried to keep a pot totally dry in winter, as someone suggested me, but no result at all. This is a species I will give up soon !

Hymenocallis x festalis, from 1994 in the ground, has turned in a massive clump of maybe 15 bulbs, sends stalks every summer but it aborts the flowers regularly. This summer I have watered them continuosly, thinking it was my summer heat and drought to cause this, but no result again. Probably I have to move the bulbs in a partial shade, as now are in full baking sun.

Cyrtanthus elatus (Vallota) flowered for me only one time,  countless years ago then nothing. I read this species need a bit of time to set in, but I have given even too much ! Probably from 7 years in the ground. Maybe this species should be grown in a small pot to be well rootbounded, as with some amaryllids this seems to be the key to stimulate flowering.

Tulbaghia simmleri simply can't stand my summers and blooms just in early spring and in autumn, but 
it's reliable.

Angelo Porcelli

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