Belated Eucomis posting

David Fenwick
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 02:37:50 PDT
>>>>>Oh yeah.... and Dave.  Glad you liked the pics.  Which one of the 2
dark leaved ones did you think was the distinct one?  There was the one with
white flowers and the one with pinky flowers.

Hi Paul,
Both are good, but I particularly liked the pinky flowered one, and because
the colour was strong but mainly because it has a stout stem. Good Eucomis
hybrids need a stout stem to support the head. The problem with a lot of
Eucomis is that they tend to fall over very easily, and need staking. Thus a
good sturdy scape, with a good head of flower, and pink ones at that is an
extremely useful hybrid. Pinks are more unusual anyway, and aren't that

Like I said the white is also good and if I remember rightly, (I can't check
at thre moment as I'm having problems with viewing the wikki), the other
hybrid has dark streaks on the scape where the flowers meet it. I think it
was difficult to see on the photo, but was noticable. I've only seen this on
one other hybrid, and this is a really nice feature.

for a clearer picture of what I mean.

Best Wishes,

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