REPLY: [pbs] TOW: Bulbs with surprising hardiness
Tue, 09 Sep 2003 18:17:54 PDT
Hello all ~

I grew L. squamigera and L. sprengeri in Minnesota for many years.  And this 
in Zone 4a.  squamigera always bloomed every August, but sprengeri never did 
for me.  I now understand that the latter probably wanted considerable water 
over the summer months (it got only what fell on it from the occasional 
thunderstorm) but squamigera took whatever came its way in stride, including near 
total summer dryness.  I don't recall where I got the squamigera (they are still 
back there and bloom each year) but the sprengeri came from Winterthur.  Some 
of both are now here in Oregon and perform well each year -- would that I were 
able to develop a lycoris with flowers of the solid electric blue that marks 
these two as unique.

Since MN has such a severe climate, being able to fool "Mother Nature" was 
always great fun.  She would occasionally get even by allowing little snow to 
fall over the Winter with its well below zero temperatures and that would 
usually get the tenderer stuff, even under the mulch.

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, Oregon
USDA Zone 7-8

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