Cyrtanthus questions

Rachel Saunders
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 04:53:40 PDT
Dear Jamie
Cyrtanthus seeds are perishable and should be sown soon. We normally sow
them on the surface of potting soil and we do not cover the seeds.  Water
the pot well, and cover the pot with a plastic bag so that it remains moist.
Whent he seeds start to germinate, remove the plastic. Some people float the
seeds on water until they germinate, and this also works well.

Veltheimias are winter growing plants, so seed should be sown in autumn
(although I have heard of people sowing them in spring).  Sow on well
drained potting mix and keep moist.  They  need warm days and cold nights to
stimulate their germination, so do not put your pot into a hot house or in a
house with constant temperature.
Rachel Saunders
Cape Town

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> OK, I could use a bit of advice, here.  In a mad buying spree, I ordered
> following seed from Silver Hill and would like some advice on planting
> Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus, C. breviflorus, C. clavatus, C. epiphyticus, C.
> helictus, C. smithiae, C. stenanthus, C. suaveolens and Veltheimia
> plus V. bracteata.  All bits and pieces are welcome!
> Jamie V.
> Cologne
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