Duplicate messages; friends' health

J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Wed, 03 Sep 2003 06:40:06 PDT
Hi all,

When I send a posting to [pbs] and to any other list at the same time, the 
[pbs] listserver re-sends it to the other addresses in the TO: 
field.  Apparently, only the [pbs] list server does this -- a quirk of the 
software.  Perhaps someone can mention this to the host ISP for the [pbs] 
list sometime.  I will get back three copies of this message:  one from 
Bulbs-L, one from [pbs], and one sent to Bulbs-L by [pbs].

Can anyone tell us how Harold Koopowitz's health is doing?  He cancelled 
his trip to the IBSA (Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa) bulb 
symposium because of it.

I might also mention that Kathy Andersen came down with a febrile illness 
shortly after she arrived in South Africa.  It was probably contracted 
before she left home.  She was still in hospital there two days ago, 
according to Dave Lehmiller.

Jim Shields

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