Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 16:51:08 PDT
Dear All,

I am back and will write a note about South Africa soon. I am trying to 
catch up (only 500+ emails as I unsubscribed or set to nomail most of the 
lists while I was gone. I didn't do that for PBS though so will be getting 
through all the e-mails one of these days.

I grew Tigridia in Stockton California for years and years in my raised 
beds with my perennials. It bloomed without fail every summer and even 
though gaudy I loved it.

I brought some with me to the north coast and they bloomed the first year 
and then departed. I assumed it was either that they hated our extreme 
winter rainfall or they didn't get enough sun or heat or summer water in my 
garden here. (lots of choices)

I have some now in a pot thinking I could shelter them from the winter rain 
that way. It's a big pot too, but Rob Hamilton said that they didn't like 
pots and would prefer being in the ground. They are not doing very well in 
the pot, meaning I have only had a couple of blooms so I am inclined to 
believe Rob knows what he is talking about.

Tigridia was requested as a topic of the week and Alberto promised an 
introduction for it. Since it has come up and the PBS board member for this 
week has been unable with a family death to introduce a topic perhaps we 
can continue to talk about it and maybe Alberto can supply us with something.

There are some really nice Tigridia pictures on the Wiki and I know Paul 
Tyerman and Rob Hamilton have success with Tigridias so perhaps they can 
share their experiences too.

Mary Sue

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