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Mon, 08 Sep 2003 19:56:48 PDT
I've seen true lilies growing under black walnuts. I don't know how 
anything else would do, but, if you like hummingbirds, they love my 
Lycoris (what else do you expect me to talk about anyway??!!) If Lycoris 
can stand that nasty chemical, they thrive in deciduous shade, plus you 
can come up with all sorts of colors, plant heights and blooming 
seasons. We've all read Jim W.'s remarks to this effect many times. I 
know grasses can't handle the chemical from black walnut.

Arnold Trachtenberg wrote:

> James;
> I have a question and then a suggestion.   But first this:
> "It has been suspected, for hundreds of years, that the black walnut 
> can be detrimental to other plants growing around it. Juglone is the 
> principal allelopathic chemical that is responsible for the inhibition 
> of growth and the death of some species that grow within close 
> proximity to the black walnut. Not all plants are affected by juglone.

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