Oxalis adenophylla

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 05:35:14 PDT
While wending my way north on Route 1 in Pennsylvania (returning with a
friend from a "do" at Longwood) we stopped at a garden center superstore -
too many chrysanthemums, cacti & succulents, African violets - you get the
picture. Of course I had to check out the wall of bulbs. Along with the
usual suspects - tulips and daffodils and such - I found several cultivars
of Dutch iris, Ornithogalum nutans (and yes, they were also selling O.
umbellatum) AND Oxalis adenophylla.

Now I have some vague memory of growing, and losing, this in Connecticut. A
web search offered info that it is also a good house plant. Since it is
winter-dormant, how does that work? Pot now, water once, lightly, and leave
it on the floor of my cool greenhouse until spring? I'm concerned that my
New Jersey clay soil will be too wet for this Chilean with its need for good

BTW - the peculiar bulbs like a ball of twine were 5 for $2.49, not bad for
an impulse temptation. The Dutch iris and Ornithogalum were in the 10 for
$2.69. 10 for $2.99 range. Upended cardboard boxes open at the bottom with
loose bulbs, so I could careful withdraw the plumpest, fattest ones.

Blue sky, dry basement - as they say, prepare for the worst and hope for the
best. And that's how Isabel turned out for us.


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