Dutch iris requirements

Lisa and Alec Flaum osthill@htc.net
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 12:58:44 PDT

James Waddick wrote:

>     Can anyone report long term success with them?
>         best    Jim W.

Well, maybe.  7 years ago I was given a handful of "mother's day iris" bulbs
These start growth in fall and hold their foliage through the winter.
By spring they look horrid, but consistently produce flowers the first week of May.
They bloom at 18-20" tall.  Most are yellow , but some are mid blue.
I figured they were Dutch iris but have never gone and gotten any for a side by side
comparison.  Bulbs purchased as English iris bloomed in June-July.

There is nothing special about the bed.  It is a south exposure planted with
asters, daylilies, garden phlox, coreopsis, geraniums etc.  Watered about
once every two weeks if there is no rain; certainly not fussed over.


Colchicum, Sternbergia and Scilla autumnalis in bloom.  Guess it really is fall.

Lisa Flaum
Waterloo, IL
central USA
clay soil, Hot humid summers (to 105F, 40C) generally dry, punctuated by gully washers
Cold, wet, cloudy winters, little snow cover, intense freeze/thaw cycle (-10F, -25C)

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