Sternbergia greuteriana

Jane McGary
Sun, 28 Sep 2003 11:21:36 PDT
After posting the photo of Sternbergia greuteriana, I realized that there 
is very little information on it available in standard sources, so here is 
some more:
Sternbergia greuteriana Kamari et Artelari (sp. nov. 1990). Native to 
Karpathos, S. Greece. Narrow bright green leaves (not glaucous as in other 
small species), slightly emergent at flowering time as in S. sicula. 
Antoine Hoog writes, "This is the only stoloniferous species in the genus, 
producing pea-sized offsets at shallow depth, in nature probably very 
useful for the spread of the species, as these offsets will roll and get 
washed in all directions; hardiness has been ascertained down to -12 
degrees C."

This definitely is a good increaser. I have grown it from purchased bulbs 
(MK.0187) and from seed, so I have several clones. I dry it off in the summer.

Although relatively recent to cultivation, S. greuteriana holds a lot of 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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