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Please forgive this question, but are you sure your A. belladonna is not 
Lycoris squamigera? L. squamigera foliage would begin to emerge late 
February to early March, while A. belladonna is supposed to have foliage 
throughout the winter. Mainly, you will see this in bud, but L. 
squamigera has a bit of blue in the petal tip. I don't think any of the 
A. belladonna varieties have blue coloring, right? Just a thought.

Judy Glattstein wrote:

>In Norwalk, Connecticut, zone 6, I had Crocus longiflorus outdoors, had no
>idea it was not supposed to be hardy so perhaps dumb luck since it grew just
>And in Wilton, Connecticut, zone 6 but colder since further inland from Long
>Island Sound, I had Amaryllis belladonna in the garden. It flowered reliably
>every year. That time I knew it was pushing my luck, gambled, and won.
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