Shy Bloomers

Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:35:55 PDT
Hello All,

Many years ago I too tried (in vain!!) to grow Chlidanthus Fragrans, but to
no avail. It produced an extraordinary number of off-sets but no blooms. I
tried to grow them in pots and even dug them up and kept them dry through
the winter but the only things I got the following spring were leaves (lots
of them!!!).

As for the Cyrtanthus Elatus...same thing. Lots of offsets and leaves. I
have since tried some of the other Cyrtanthus members like Mackenii and I
have far...much better results. In August of 2002 I purchased some
bulbs Cyrtanthus Mackenii from Odyssey Bulbs and in January to February of
2003 they actually sent up some spikes and flowered. Since then I have
purchased some Cyrtanthus Brachysyphys and Suavolens from Rhoda McMaster and
they appear to be doing fine. We'll see this winter if they flower. I'll
keep you posted.

Good Growing,
Fred Biasella
Boston (Cambridge) MA
USDA Zone 6B

P.S. The non-flowering plants have gone on to the great compost heap in the

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