Buyer Beware - Can O' Worms

John Ingram
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:52:18 PDT
I have to say as a supplier of a lot of species, I
have been duped by my wholesalers/suppliers. 
I ordered rather large crinum bulbs from a grower in
FL. I paid top dollar for really large C. scabrum.
They did not flower for me the first year (bad soil
choice) but many did flower the second. All that
flowered were Ellen B. Not really even close. I tried
to contact all the people that I sold and traded to
but, the plants were already growing for them. 
From my end, trying to get a good source of properly
ID'd material is so hard. I try to make sure
everything is labeled properly (I am quite neurotic at
times and this is one pet peeve). 
I have to agree with Kevin. I will be growing all my
plants to bloom until they are sold just in case. I
might let some go earlier with a warning of possible
Jim, I have seen other suppliers that have used the
same photos with different color changes but it was
not the supplier to which you referred. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 

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