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Wed, 17 Sep 2003 07:33:36 PDT
I think this might be a case of too much TLC.   Mine grow in hot, 
full Southern California sun, poor soil and little water.

Try being a little tougher with them....


>Last Spring, I planted several tigrida that I got either from Yucca Du
>or Plant Delights.  I put them at the sloping base of a liveoak tree in
>rich loamy soil where they got bright filtered light all day.  They were
>deeply soaked every 5-7 days. Two of the three plants put up some very
>scraggly sparse foliage and the other did nothing.  There was never even
>the hint of a blossom. 
>I was afraid that full sun in our very harsh summers would be too much
>for them.  What did I do wrong?  Do they need to be kept very moist?
>Companion plants were Cypella Herbertii and several oxallis and they all
>bloomed all season.  Nearby, in the same bed, iris japonica are thick
>and thrive.
>Theresa Massey
>Austin TX, Zone 8B, 20-110F, approx 30" annual rainfall (long droughts
>punctuated by flash floods) 


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