Lisa and Alec Flaum osthill@htc.net
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 21:28:05 PDT
Hi Judy,

I have never grown these, but do have an interesting reference.
"Bulbs for Summer Bloom" by John Philip Baumgardt,  has them hardy to zone 5
(Kansas City, MO).  He is writing from experience, so presumably it worked
for him.  Perhaps he and Jim Waddick have hot springs under their homes?


Judy Glattstein wrote:
> When I was in Holland in August of 2002 there was a field of tigridia at the
> end of the road that Hotel de Nachtegaal was on. Flowering beautifully. They
> were all chopped down and harvested not even a week after I arrived. There
> was a nice display of them at the Floriade also.
> Has anyone grown them? Not that I'm planning on growing them here in New
> Jersey. But I'm writing them up for my book, and just realized that none of
> the California, Texas, New Mexico "bulbs I am growing/ have grown" messages
> make any mention of this extravagant, showy, Mexican flower. And I would
> have thought it would be suitable.

Lisa Flaum
Waterloo, IL
central USA
clay soil, Hot humid summers (to 105F, 40C) generally dry, punctuated by gully washers
Cold, wet, cloudy winters, little snow cover, intense freeze/thaw cycle (-10F, -25C)

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