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Tue, 16 Sep 2003 07:44:12 PDT
Judy, I have some tigridia growing in my garden here in the San Diego 
area.  They came from Home Depot as I recall, rather than a high-end 
catalog or other specialty resource.  They pop up every year, showing 
their rather gaudy colors and then, disappear.  Well drained soil, 
full sun, water once a week or so.  No special treatment.  I am never 
quite sure whether they are exquisite or horrendous or a combination 
of both... perhaps that is the definition of gaudy.

Let me know if I can help you beyond this description.


>When I was in Holland in August of 2002 there was a field of tigridia at the
>end of the road that Hotel de Nachtegaal was on. Flowering beautifully. They
>were all chopped down and harvested not even a week after I arrived. There
>was a nice display of them at the Floriade also.
>Has anyone grown them? Not that I'm planning on growing them here in New
>Jersey. But I'm writing them up for my book, and just realized that none of
>the California, Texas, New Mexico "bulbs I am growing/ have grown" messages
>make any mention of this extravagant, showy, Mexican flower. And I would
>have thought it would be suitable.
>There was a field of soft yellow homeria, and another of peachy orange ones
>within walking distance of the hotel too.
>Judy in New Jersey, where today is a break in the rain before the hurricane
>and its weather arrives. I'll take advantage and plant more bulbs.
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