Judy Glattstein
Mon, 01 Sep 2003 07:00:29 PDT
There I was at a nursery in Connecticut last Saturday. They had four open
boxes with Crocus ochroleucus, C. sativus, C. zonatus (isn't the clone that
is generally available one that multiplies freely and does not flower?) AND
Sternbergia. All items were 10 for $7.00. Of course I succumbed and picked
out 10 nice fat brown sternbergia bulbs. Don't you adore it when the bulbs
are loose in a bin and you can fondle them and pick out the prettiest? Much
better than pre-packed in bags, and getting less and less common.

So here's my question - Elizabeth Lawrence in her book "The Little Bulbs"
says it likes limestone. I have a 50 pound bag of crushed oyster shell I got
from the local farm supply place here in New Jersey. Could/ should I use
crushed oyster shell as the drainage material in a potting mix? They'll be
potted and on the floor in my cool (50° Fahrenheit) greenhouse over the
winter. I'd rather keep them cooler, but the only other choice is to keep
them in the attached, unheated garage (38° F. at the coldest) where
sufficient sunlight is problematical.

Thanks for your sagacious advice.

Judy in New Jersey, where it is raining. Again.

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